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Cell and Tissue analysis Products


Towa Optics has embarked on a partnership with ‘Life Technologies’ through its brand “Invitrogen” for the Cellular Analysis Business Unit (CABU). The product range includes reagents and dyes for cell and tissue analysis from the trusted brands in labelling and detection, antibodies and assays, etc such as Molecular Probes, Zymed, Caltag, Dynal and Biosource. ‘Life Technologies’ is an important player in the business of specialized reagents used in life science research.

The product range for cell and tissue analysis include primary and secondary antibodies conjugated with the very well regarded “Alexa” series of fluorescent dyes for specific cell organelles, live cell imaging dyes for calcium and pH, Fluorescent Proteins and Quantom Dots. These products cater to key research disciplines like Molecular Biology, Genetics, Reproductive Function, Immunology, Cancer, Neurobiology, etc. 

Primary and Secondary Antibodies
Invitrogen offers a wide variety of antibodies against key signalling proteins, cellular markers and organelles as well as cell junctions and CD markers. Our isoform- and modification-specific antibodies are validated for multiple applications including western blotting, immunoprecipitation, immunocytochemistry, flow cytometry, and chromatin immunoprecipitation ensuring reliable performance for your research needs.

Organelle Stains and Probes
Organelle stains can be used as counterstains to help identify the location of specific proteins and targets of interest within the cell while detection of antibodies against proteins associated with specific organelles can lead to a better understanding of cellular function.
For accurate quantitation of intracellular or extracellular proteins, Invitrogen offers immunoassays using antibody pairs for single-analyte (ELISA Kits) as well as multi-analyte (Luminex® Assays) analysis.
Cell Light Targeted Fluorescent Proteins (GFPs)
Fluorescent proteins are highly versatile biological markers for monitoring physiological processes, visualizing protein localization, and detecting transgenic expression in vivo. To complement these powerful tools, we offer anti-GFP and anti-RFP antibodies and antibody conjugates for a wide variety of applications, including imaging, western blotting, and flow cytometry
Click-iT Edu Proliferation Assays
The Click-iT® EdU cell proliferation assay utilizes the power of click chemistry to provide a superior alternative to traditional methods for detecting and quantitating newly synthesized DNA.
Qdot® nanocrystals represent a truly enabling nanotechnology and offer revolutionary fluorescence performance including Long-term photostability for live-cell imaging and dynamics studies, Brilliant colors for simple, single-excitation multicolor analysis, Fixability for follow-up immunofluorescence after in vivo studies and Narrow, symmetrical emission spectra for low interchannel crosstalk.

We provide effective tools for the following Applications-

Cellular Imaging
 is used in Fluorescence Microscopy, FISH, Immunohistochemistry, High Content Screening, Laser capture micro dissection and Small Animal in vivo Imaging (SAIVI). The products include Molecular Probes® brightest and most photostable fluorescent dyes and dye conjugates, the most innovative reagents and kits for enhanced imaging performance, and a broad range of imaging accessories.

Flow Cytometry
We have the broadest range of fluorescent Antibodies for Flow Cytometry and Molecular Probes® reagents to maximize the use of your instrument

Labelling Chemistry
Fluorescent labeling of biomolecules enables researchers to detect specific components of complex biological assemblies with exquisite sensitivity in applications ranging from imaging and flow cytometry, to Western blots.

Cell Structures
Invitrogen offers a diverse array of products for studying cell structure including primary antibodies and Molecular Probes® reagents that selectively associate with various subcellular organelles in live and fixed cells. These probes are powerful tools for investigating respiration, mitosis, apoptosis, multidrug resistance, and intracellular transport and sorting. Services/Applications/Cell-Analysis/Cell-Structure.html

Cell Viability, Proliferation and Function
Invitrogen offers a diverse selection of assays and antibodies for the analysis of cell metabolism, cell cycle related processes, cell movement, cell death and other processes. Cell proliferation can be detected by Click-iT® EdU (an innovative alternative to the traditional BrdU) or CSFE and related probes. Fluorescent indicators and sensors of ions such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium may be used for homeostasis evaluation. Antibodies and assays for assessment of cell cycle, cell metabolism, cell adhesion, cell migration and other cellular functions.

Stem Cell Studies
We offer a total system covering the entire research spectrum of stem cell differentiation and engineering products, and a wide array of stem cell analysis tools that include Molecular Probes® labeling and detection reagents, we have the products to support you at every step of your research

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