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Spectro Inc. is a world leader in condition monitoring instrumentation through oil analysis. We are unique in the industry, our only business is turnkey systems for machine condition monitoring based on oil analysis
Spectroil M
Spectroil M - Oil Analysis Spectrometers for the Analysis of Wear Metals, Contaminants, and Additives in Lubricants or Gas Turbine Fuels

Conforms to ASTM Standard Test Method D6595 requirements
No sample preparation
30 second analysis time
Analyzes up to 32 elements simultaneously
Simple to operate without special training or background
Requires no special utilities or gases, only AC power
Windows operating system
LaserNet Fines« - Particle Counter and Particle Shape ClassifierFeatures

Provides ISO Code 4406 (1999) for particles >4, >6 and >14 μm
Algorithms to perform shape analysis, wear particle identification and machine condition assessment
Large particles are classed by a neural network as "cutting, fatigue, severe sliding, nonmetallic, free water droplets or fibers"
Provides image maps of all particles greater than 20 Ám
Can handle particle concentrations over 1,000,000 particles/ml
Can handle fluid viscosities up to 150 ISO grade without dilution
Data outputs include particle type identification, image maps, size trends and NAS, NAVAIR and ISO cleanliness codes.
Magnification is set at factory. Recalibration is never required
Spectro-Visc Automatic Viscometer

A fast, accurate, and cost effective instrument for the determination of kinematic viscosity in used oils and other fluids.

Compliant with requirements for ASTM D 445, D 7279 and related specifications.
High throughput - up to 60 samples per hour to ASTM precision.
Small sample volume - 0.3 to 0.6 ml.
Low solvent consumption - 2.5 ml per sample.
Fully automatic cleaning and drying.
Fast, easy tube replacement, no need to drain bath.
No PC required for system to operate.
Analytical Ferrography Laboratory Model T2FM

A fast, accurate, and cost effective instrument for the determination of kinematic viscosity in used oils and other fluids.

Features of the T2FM
Efficient separation of wear and contaminant particles from fluid samples.
Rapid preparation of ferrogram.
No deformation of particles
Separates particles up to 800 μm in size.
Lower cost per sample.
Uses fewer consumables.
Achieves cleaner rinses.
Easy to operate.
Spectro FT-IR Oil Analyzer

For the determination of used oil degradation and contamination

Instrument and software specifically designed for the analysis of used oil.
Optional ATR or transmission cell.
Fixed interferometer, does not require software or manual alignment.
Exceptional stability and reliability in harsh operating environments.
Completely sealed and desiccated to prevent humidity interferences.
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