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Designed for advanced high-resolution color documentation applications, the DS-Ri1 high-resolution microscope camera represents the latest evolution in the DXM1200 camera series. With advancements in connectivity, color rendition and performance, the DS-Ri1 brings the total to fourteen combinations now offered by Nikon’s Digital Sight series. New algorithms make the DS-Ri1 ideal for low magnifications and enlargements in brightfield imaging; and fast focusing, a large native pixel size and supported cooling combine for clear fluorescent imaging and documentation. No matter the application needs, the DS-Ri1 is the absolute choice for ultra high-quality imaging.
A recent addition to Nikon's Digital Sight camera line, the DS-Qi1 is an ultra high-quality scientific grade digital camera geared for high-speed, high-sensitivity applications. By combining low noise electronics and a high-quantum efficiency detector, the DS-Qi1 can capture a wide dynamic range of intensities while maintaining quantitative linearity. Added features such as a fast analog-to-digital converter (ADC), very low read noise, and programmable gain control make the DS-Qi1 an ideal detector for fluorescence imaging applications.
With its enhanced color reproduction and digital transfer speed, the DS-Fi1 digital camera head delivers a total imaging solution to entry level documentation as well as advanced research projects. It features a 5-megapixel CCD that captures at a high resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels, accelerates frame rates beyond past models, improves resolution, expands dynamic range, and reduces noise using Nikon’s proprietary imaging technology. The DS-Fi1’s advanced sensor and circuitry produce outstanding color hue rendition and reproduction, making it an essential tool for acquiring detailed color images.
New color camera head with increased frame rates, high resolution aquisition and extremely accurate color reproduction.
High speed, high sensitivity, microscope camera featuring 2-megapixel color CCD with outstanding SXGA video display rates of up to 27 frames per second.
DS-L3 Controller
Nikon's all-new next-generation stand-alone microscope camera control unit.
DS-U3 Controller
Compact, PC-based microscope camera control unit offering information transmission of more than twice the speed of previous controllers.
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