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MAG Biosystems

Microimaging systems
MAG Biosystems’s FRAP-3D™ is the world’s first widefield imaging system designed specifically to study the intracellular dynamics of proteins and other macromolecular complexes via high-speed, multidimensional FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photo bleaching) and iFRAP (inverse FRAP) experiments. Photo activation and photo conversion studies with fluorescent proteins such as PA-GFP, EOS, KFP, Kaede, and Dronpa can also be performed.
In vivo imaging systems
In vivo imaging systems The highly versatile MAG Biosystems Lumazone product line is designed for a broad set of quantitative chemiluminescence and fluorescence macroscopic imaging applications, including:
• Gene expression in plants
• Tissue-specific gene expression in animals
• Gene expression in isolated-cell preparations
• Study of etiological agents and mechanisms
• Visualization of dermatological diseases
• Investigation of circadian rhythms in plants and animals
• Cancer biology (e.g., drug treatment efficacy, metastasis studies, preventative drug regimes)
• Plant development studies
Multichannel imaging systems
Simultaniously captures and produces multiple, non-overlapping images on a single camera. The spectral and/or polarization properties of any object can be investigated using spectral filters/polarizers. The new Quad- View model produces up to four images with a single exposure.
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