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Integrated Live Cell Imaging Systems

Nikon's new BioStation incubator imaging systems take live cell imaging to new levels of sophistication by providing consistent environmental control of temperature, humidity and gas concentration when managing, observing and recording cell growth, morphology, and protein expression in culture.
Biostation IM
Eclipse 80i delivers remarkably high signal to noise ratios, producing fluorescence images that reveal more than ever before. Never has there been a research microscope so optimized for digital microscopy. The state-of-the-art design includes a vast array of advanced features, including Nikon’s proprietary “fly-eye” technology, VC Plan Apo objectives and both intelligent and motorized digital imaging heads for the ultimate digital imaging microscope system.
BioStation CT
The world's first integrated cell culture observation device.
The BioStation CT allows imaging experiments to be conducted without ever removing the cells from the incubator. Consisting of a standard sized tissue culture incubator with an inverted design microscope inside, BioStation CT holds 30 vessels ranging from 24 well plates to 75cm2 flasks, which are moved between the microscope stage and the vessel rack via a robotic device while maintaining precise levels of CO2, humidity,
and temperature.

BioStation CT provides images from 2× to 40×: phase images with apodized phase contrast (APC) optics and fluorescence images with three color LED illumination. A “bird’s eye” color macro view allows the entire vessel to be viewed from above. Complete security is provided: users access only the samples for which they have clearance. Experimental results are reliably traced and can be accessed remotely via an
internet connection or LAN.
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