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Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopes

Nikon now has a confocal solution to suit virtually every research need. From the all-new state-of-the art A1R/A1 to the modular and flexible C series, Nikon can configure a confocal system that's ready to take on virtually any advanced research application.
A1R MP+ Multiphoton Confocal
New multiphoton and confocal microscope system for high speed, high resolution and high sensitivity multiphoton excitation and confocal fluorescence imaging.
A1R-A1 Confocal
Nikon’s groundbreaking confocal imaging system offering greater speed, higher resolution and unprecedented system flexibility.
A1 MP Multiphoton Confocal
Nikon’s A1 MP is a streamlined version of the unique A1R MP multiphoton imaging system developed for simplified, cost-effective multiphoton imaging.
C2+ Confocal
Nikon's new point scanning confocal microscope system offers powerful new features and vastly expanded spectral imaging capabilities.
AZ-C1 Macro Laser Confocal
An innovative confocal microscope system designed for macro imaging, enabling researchers to view large specimens in confocal mode.
LiveScan SFC Confocal
Combining the advantages of confocal imaging with the versatility of conventional live cell microscopes using swept field technology.
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