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Thermoplates for microscopes


General Application
0.1°C to 60°C
General Application
-5 to 99°C
General Application
peltier stage
Microscope-stage Automatic Thermocontrol System: THERMOPLATE®

THERMOPLATE® is an optical clear glass heating device that provides consistentimage temperature control of specimen from directly beneath during microscopic observation. Wide product range supports almost all microscopes.

Major Applications: Temperature control of specimens in the fields of IVF, stem cell research, Cell/Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Electrical-Physiology and other research fields.
Stage Top Incubator: INU Series

INU Series provides optimal culture enviimageronment for steady time-lapse, short/long term imaging with confocal, fluorescence, phase contrast, differential interference contrast and polarization applications.

Major Applications: Short/long-term time-lapse and live cell imaging of signal transduction, formation, behavior, migration, propagation and differentiation during cell/tissue/organ culture under microscope in stem cell research, Cell/Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Neuroscience, and in other research fields that require environment control.
Gas Mixing System: GM Series

Properly conditioned gas is supplied during Live Cell Imaging Makingimage stable 5% CO2+ 95% Air mixed gas supply from 100% CO2 possible.

Major Applications: Stable CO2 mixed Gas supply during live cell culture in Stage Top Incubator INU Series.



Microscope Incubetors

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