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NIS - Elements
Nikon's NIS-Elements revolutionizes imaging software for the microscopy market by combining automated intelligence to microscopes, cameras, components and peripherals with powerful archiving, analysis, visualization and archiving tools. Its intuitive interface simplifies workflow and speeds up image acquisition times while providing powerful features such as image stitching, object counting and volume views

The NIS-Elements suite is available in three distinct packages that are scaled to meet user needs and applications:
A.R.  NIS-Elements Advanced Research
              Supports full 6D acquisition for demanding live cell experiments.

B.R.  NIS-Elements Basic Research
              For standard research applications such as analysis and photo-documentation of fluorescent imaging.

D.  NIS-Elements Documentation
              Superior workflow management and archiving capabilities.
Cytogenetic Workstation
Genikon is the Digital Workstation to karyotype samples of bone marrow, blood and amniotic fluid in Giemsa, Quinachrine or DAPI stain. Genikon is a valid support in routine and in the research field; it’s a power tool for FISH analysis or for other techniques like CGH, Mfish, and automatic search of metaphases. The System is very modular and can be built according to the customer needing using different software modules.
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