Nikon Microscope



Super Resolution Microscope

N-STORM 5.0 takes advantage of Nikon's ultra-stable, high-performance Ti2-E inverted microscope and applies high-accuracy, multi-color localization and reconstruction in three dimensions (xyz) to enable super-resolution imaging at tenfold the resolution of conventional optical microscopes (up to approximately 20 nm in ...

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Faster, deeper, sharper multiphoton confocal imaging. Nikon’s A1R HD multiphoton confocal microscope is a unique multiphoton imaging system featuring a fast, high resolution galvanometer scanner and an ultra-high speed resonant scanner that is capable of frame rates from 30 fps ...

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Cofocal Microscope

There are several Nikon confocal systems from entry-level C2+ general laboratory systems, to the A1+si spectral imaging and state-of-the-art A1R+ laser scanning confocal systems.These can be mounted on any upright or inverted research-level microscope. The LiveScan Sweptfield system can be configured on an ...

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Inverted Microscope

Nikon inverted microscopes are renowned for optical quality, flexibility, modularity, ease of use, ergonomics, and mechanical precision. Each is highly versatile and capable of producing brighter, higher contrast, aberration-free images, thanks to the power and range of proprietary Nikon optics. ...

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