Nikon Microscope



Upright Microscope

Legendary Nikon optics in each Nikon upright microscope provide superb images over the entire magnification range. Universal microscope objectives for multi-mode imaging applications, digital capabilities, high N.A.s and long working distances all combine for fast, smooth observations no matter what the application....

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Stereo Zoom Microscope

Nikon zoom stereomicroscopes offer users the most extended zoom range of any such instrument, along with modularity, comfort and ultra-high-performance microscope optics. The line covers a wide range of functionality, from sophisticated observation (SMZ25) to the affordable and ergonomic (SMZ445)....

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Nikon Instruments Live Cell Screening Systems - Nikon's BioStation incubator imaging systems take live cell imaging to new levels of sophistication. ...

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HCA High Content Analysis System

HCA High Content Analysis System. Fully integrated high content solution for rapid image acquisition, review databasing, and analysis. Back to top. Request Info · Facebook · LinkedIn; YouTube · Nikon's Small World · Products · Super-Resolution · Multiphoton · Confocal · Inverted · Upright · Stereomicroscopes and ...

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