Industrial Microscope

MM-400/800 series

Nikon is proud to present the MM-400/800 series of Measuring Microscopes, which incorporate key performance features expected in an advanced measuring microscope


MCompact, light, precise and easy-to-use measuring microscope for dimensioning and tolerancing.


Profile Projector technology designed to display accurate magnification of workpiece for comparision and precision measurements with data processing


Stages for Measuring Instruments/ Rotating Table for Measuring Instruments/ Digital Printer DPU-414/ 300mm Standard Scale/ Inspection Result Sheet Generation Software Custom Fit QC


Autocollimator instruments with brightfield and darkield models for simultaneous measurements on two axes and for easy alignment and measurements.


High-speed, high-accuracy measurement of a wide range of parts. Detailed settings for each workpiece are possible.

NEXIV VMR-H3030/VMR-H3030 Z120X

With ultrahigh precision and versatility, this model can serve as the master instrument in your laboratory. Ideal for high-precision dies and molds.

VMZ-K3040 / VMZ-K6555

The Confocal NEXIV, a ground-breaking Multi-Functional video measuring system, was developed on the strength of Nikon's leading opto-mechatronics technologies.