Measuring Instruments Industrial Metrology and Microscopy Lineup


A high-performance multi-sensor system that is easy to operate and reasonably priced.

White Light Interferometric Microscope

Nikon’s proprietary scanning-type optical interference measurement technology achieves 1 picometer (pm) height resolution. Nikon offers a variety of optical microscopes as measurement systems to suit a wide range of measurement applications.

3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

3D Metrology solutions enabling the Digital Inspection Process (DIP) with accurate point clouds for today's digital designs in the manufacturing process.

Laser Scanners for 3D Metrology

A CMM equipped with a laser scanner boosts 3D inspection processes. Two types of scanners are available: a line scanner which provides equivalent accuracy with touch-probe measurement for multipoint measurement, and a cross scanner which can measure multiple 3D shapes at the same time.

MCAx - Manual CMM Arm

The MCAx Manual Coordinate Measuring Arm is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use portable 7-axis measuring system.

ModelMaker MMDx/MMC

The ModelMaker handheld laser scanners are ideally suited for portable 3D inspection and reverse engineering applications. MMDx camera technology is a major leap forward in 3D laser scanning, as it introduces high frame rate and a large stripe width up to 200mm for ultra-productive scanning.

P3D NC-2323S/SR

Nikon’s goal was to create a lightweight, compact, easy-to-use scanner that anyone can use to capture 3D shapes.

K-Scan MMD

K-Scan MMD is a handheld walk-around laser scanner for portable metrology applications in a large work volume.