We, the people..

With over 54 years expertise in the field, Towa has always been at the forefront of optical and Technological determinism , promoting creativity and trustworthiness as part of the company's mission

Passion for excellence

And as somebody said "Excellence is never an accident,it is the result of High Intention,Sincere effort,Intelligent direction,Skillful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities."

About Us

We are operating in the fields of Microscopes and image analysis. Towa, distributes measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology and microscopic camera . With its solutions, the company constantly advances the world of optics and helps shape technological progress.

We concentrate on segments like Industrial Quality & Research and Medical Technology. We have offices all over the country and our staffs are sevy with latest technology

Work with heart

If you put your heart and soul into something, you do it with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. We are committed people and put our heart and soul into everything we do.

Reliable services

Reliability means the product, service, or system will perform as expected now and in the future. Satisfaction provides the product reliability and we are doing the same for last 55 years

Great support

The act of showing that you believe that someone or something is good or acceptable. We are always available for any task to undertake and satisfactorly serve our customer to best