Nikon Microscopes Super-Resolution

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Doubling the conventional resolution limit for live cell time-lapse imaging.

The N-SIM S Super Resolution Microscope is a unique high-speed structured illumination system that achieves acquisition speeds of up to 15 fps, enabling fast biological processes to be captured at twice the spatial resolution of conventional light microscopes (up to 115nm in XY).


N-SIM E is a streamlined, affordable super-resolution system that provides double the resolution of conventional light microscopes. Combining N-SIM E and a confocal microscope allows you the flexibility to select a location in the confocal image, and easily switch to view it in super-resolution, enabling the acquisition of more detail..


Single-molecule based super-resolution microscope delivering ten-times the resolution of standard light microscopes.This powerful technology enables the visualization of molecular interactions at the nanoscopic level, opening up new worlds of scientific understanding.