Nikon Microscopes Cell Screening

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BioStation IM-Q.

The BioStation IM-Q incorporates a microscope, an incubator and a high-sensitivity cooled CCD camera in a compact body. This all-in-one package provides a stable environment for live cells and advanced solutions for simple long-term time-lapse data acquisition.

BioStation CT

With conventional cell monitoring procedures, a culture vessel has to be taken out of the incubator for microscope observation, where cells are subject to stressful environmental changes and mechanical disturbance. Researchers then have to spend additional time repositioning the vessel to find previous observation points. Nikon's BioStation CT eliminates these problems by combining culture and imaging environments to enable accurate monitoring of individual cells and colonies while maintaining stable environmental conditions. The BioStation CT is an ideal monitoring solution for cell types that require minimal handling and stable culture conditions such as stem cells.

Biostudio T

The BioStudio-T offers a unique imaging platform with a stationary sample surface and moving objective lens. This configuration allows observation of mechanically sensitive samples, such as stem cells, with minimal perturbation. The fixed-stage, scanning lens system also provides a superior solution for long-term time lapse imaging and large image acquisition (tiling). Furthermore, the unique sample holder enables users to remove the sample vessel for media exchange during imaging routines without losing track of sample position.