Nikon Microscope Accessories

Fluorescence Filter Cubes

Nikon offers a wide range of fluorescence filter cubes with high fluorescence acquisition efficiency to support imaging of a large variety of fluorophores and fluorescent proteins. The large product range includes longpass filter cubes for observation of single-stained samples and bandpass filter cubes suitable for detecting .


Microscope Accessories. A broad range of accessories are available to create the microscope best suited to your needs. Fluorescence Filter Cubes. Tube. Eyepiece. Condenser. Illuminators. Laser Units. Nosepiece. Intermediate Module. Camera Port for Ergonomic Binocular Tube/Quadrocular Tube. Camera Adapter .


Nikon offers a selection of state-of-the-art laser systems, each powerful and flexible enough to handle the widest array of research applications. Nikon also offer a selection of microscope illuminators for its systems, each catering to specialized application requirements. Whether it's an advanced, pre-centered illuminator .

Laser Unit

A breakthrough in microscope laser technology, the LU-NV is Nikon’s new solid state laser system, requiring no calibration or alignment. Flexible enough to bridge multiple imaging applications, the system accommodates up to eight laser lines and five fiber outputs..

Intermediate Module

By offering microscopes developed based on cutting-edge optical technologies, Nikon improves your system performance. Nikon provides various microscopy products such as condensers, intermediate modules, nosepieces and optical components (other than microscope frames and objectives) .

Nikon Accessories

Microscope adapter to connect Nikon digital camera with microscope. Create high quality microscopy images with this Nikon camera adapter.