Imaging Software 3/4D Image Visualization and Analysis Software
3D/4D Image Visualization and Analysis Software

Imaris is the world leading interactive microscopy image analysis software used by microscopists around the world. An effective high performance analysis station. Its well funished architect enable smooth flow of analysing images, filtering, measurement, documentation and archive.

Pacakages for

  • Cell Biologists
  • Neuroscientists
  • Deconvolution Software
  • Advanced Tracking

Imaris Start - S

Featuring state of the art volume, surface rendering and object detection tools, the Start Package is the ideal visualization and analysis solution for researchers.

Imaris Exploration

The package consists of one set of node-locked licenses for Imaris and each of the following modules: MeasurementPro, and ImarisXT.

Imaris for Tracking

ImarisTrackLineage is the new module which builds on the functionality of the powerful and widely used ImarisTrack.

Cell Biologists

Imaris for Cell Biologists provides multiple options to detect and model your biologically relevant structures via step-by-step wizards with a preview of the results at each point in the workflow.

Imaris Single Full

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Imaris for Neuroscientists

The Imaris FL Package is perfect for researchers studying neuron architecture including spine morphology as well as cell dynamics.

Imaris for Core Facilities

A complete power and flexibility of all Imaris functionalities at your fingertips.

Imaris for Tracking with XT

For volume, surface rendering and object detection tools with complex functionality for tracking objects in 2D or 3D which also divide in time with extended capacity of user defined tool developments.