Passion for excellence

"We are since 1962, engaged in the marketing and trading of high quality medical and scientific equipment in India and its neighbouring countries. We represents world renowned equipment manufacturers and has expanded and evolved over the period, to become one of the leading suppliers of medical, research, industrial and analytical instruments throughout the country. It is counted as one of the top 'Total Solution Provider' to Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Scientific & Bio technology Research laboratories all over India. Over the years Towa has earned a reputation of Progressive & Professionally managed organization. We will continue to contribute in the growth of Indian Science by product offerings 'of advanced technology and cater to the customers by providing them efficient sales and service solutions.
Our basic aim is to provide high quality lnstruments equipment and dedicated customer servics to our custmer by adding a consistent, comprehensive and value-oriented phllosephy, we are working to establish a business model within each stage of this process to enhance profitability as well as to make usmore resilient to today's harsh and fast-changing business environment. These efforts will make us more market responsive as a company. We aspire, not only to meet the needs of the customers but also to provide customers with a new value that exceeds their expectations. Besides Bioscience and industrial products, we have now expanded our activities to Analytical products. Satisfying the customers since 55 years, we are committed to be pro-active and work with sincerity, business ethics and integrity, providing prompt attention to all the customers all the time."



"Keeping in pace with the scientific development in India and worldwide, Towa strives to continue as a customer oriented company by adhering to our principles of Sincerity, Integrity, Business Ethics and Customer Services"

The company's mission is to be the leading provider of Medical Research lab Equipment to the Biotechnology and Lifesciences Market in India. Our basic aim is to provide quality equipment and dedicated customer service to our customers. It is our endeavour to be a 'total solution provider' to the scientific and industrial community.

Microscopic Technologies

With our core technologies — opto-electronics and precision — as a foundation, Our principal partner at Japan, Nikon is continiously conducting R&D in wideranging areas of technologies, such as optics, precision measurement and manufacturing, image processing, materials, and software and systems.

Image Analysis Software

The world’s leading Interactive Microscopy Image Analysis software company, actively shaping the way microscopic images are processed through constant innovation and a clear focus on 3D and 4D imaging. Serving customers in all parts of the world, our team is dedicated to building fast, stable and intuitive products.


We carry a huge range of Nikon microscope accessories, Filters, condensers and iris diaphragms, replacement bulbs, LED lighting kits, and ring lights for stereo microscopes, microscope stands, camera adapter kits, frosted glass stage plates, and even more from major brands. We supply a vast variety of advanced microscopic equipmetns from warm stages to chambers.

Product Portfolio

Nikon SRM

Explore the Nanoscale
Introducing N-STORM 5.0, the latest super-resolution imaging solution from Nikon.
Combines an ultra-stable Ti2-E imaging platform with the power of NIS-Elements to provide unprecedented flexibility in acquisition workflow. Achieve 10-fold improvement in resolution, in three dimensions, with ease.

Our support for medical research ranges from healthcare and bioscience to regenerative medicine and innovative drug development. Nikon's equipment is used by researchers who study living iPS cells to find applications that will benefit society. Through partnerships with universities and companies, we're taking medical research to the next level. We are working continuously to improve the quality of life for people throughout the world.

Nikon Industry

Microscopic research Kit
The manufacture and quality control kits Nikon Metrology, market leader in optical measurement systems

Nikon HC

Nikon's new High Content Microscope system pairs the Eclipse Ti inverted microscope with NIS-Elements HC Software to provide a dedicated interface for high content acquisition and analysis routines, built on an integrated database for seamless data management and processing.

Digital Sight L3

The Digital Sight DS-L3 is Nikon's new stand-alone microscope camera controller. The DS-L3 stand-alone control unit is versatile, easy-to-use and provides effortless camera control and microscope operation via mouse or touch panel operation


Linkam designs and manufactures scientific instruments to characterize materials from polymers, metals, ceramics, liquid crystals and biological materials.

Tokai Hit

Ensure more accurate and more reliable thermal control of the specimen during the observation under a microscope. Wide product range suppors biotechnology sciecen and industry.

Pico Quant

We Provide and upgrade kits of FCS/FCCS/FLIM on Nikon confocal .

Oko Lab

Total provider of complete and reliable solutions for Live Cell Microscopy

Microscopy u

Nikon's MicroscopyU website features technical support and timely information about all aspects of optical microscopy, photomicrography, and digital imaging. The website's latest article discusses the theory of light sheet imaging, provides a survey of available techniques and their applications, and delves into some of the practical aspects of sample preparation.